5 Uses for Aluminium Tape & How to Use

Aluminium tape is one of the most versatile solutions out there. It can be used in multiple applications thanks to its excellent range of properties, from moisture resistance to high durability.

Ready to find out what aluminium foil tape can be used for? Below we’ll guide you through the top five applications across a range of industries and show off the versatility of this tape.

1.    Jointing Insulation Panels

Insulation panels are the big sections of insulation material used within walls and in loft spaces. So how can you join these together effectively without leaving any gaps where the effectiveness could be hindered?

Aluminium tape offers the perfect solution for this application because of its durability and extreme thermal resistance.

As a result of applying this tape for jointing the panels, your insulation systems will be more efficient. Closing off any gaps will help you make sure that the insulation retains heat properly. Additionally, aluminium tape maintains its integrity over time, which means it’s guaranteed to stay in place even when fixed to heated insulation materials. Other adhesives with lower heat resistance might deteriorate when used in this instance.

2.    Sealing in HVAC Systems

Heating and ventilation systems rely on proper sealing and insulation to prevent a loss of heat or ineffectiveness in warmer temperatures. Aluminium tape can be used to regulate the temperature of HVAC systems, just like when joining insulation panels, in order to improve their effectiveness. It can also be used to repair heating, cooling and ventilation systems thanks to its resistance at low and high temperatures. Whether you’re sealing ductwork, air vents or other HVAC components, this tape is incredibly handy for this use.

This tape is highly versatile. Its applications extend beyond regular HVAC systems and into the automotive industry since many vehicles have AC and ventilation systems. Aluminium foil tape offers a solution for sealing these areas and helping these systems run better for longer.

3.    Packing Items

2 workers using tape

The tape used when packing items – particularly sensitive products like fresh food – is critical for ensuring the contents remain safe and secure. Using aluminium tape to secure boxes and other packaging is often the go-to choice, thanks to its heat and moisture resistance. Regardless of how long the contents will be in transit and where they’re stored, this tape is guaranteed to protect the products over longer periods.

4.    Plumbing & Refrigeration

Repairing plumbing and refrigeration pipes can often be tricky due to the presence of moisture in most cases. Aluminium tape is beneficial for this application because it’s resistant to water vapour, making it a reliable solution for patching up issues without disintegrating when exposed to any type of moisture.

5.    Aerospace

There’s no job too big or too small for aluminium tape, and this is especially true in the aerospace industry. Fuel tanks and hydraulic systems are just some of the aerospace components that can be easily patched up using aluminium tapes. When applying the tape, you need to be able to trust that everything will remain secure in any conditions, including near harsh chemicals and inclement weather.

A high quality aluminium foil tape will be perfect for these uses because of its excellent durability and strong adhesion that won’t budge. Therefore, it’s often chosen to help seal gaps or easily repair lightly damaged aerospace components.

JTAPE Aluminium Tape

Aluminium Repair Tape

At JTAPE, we’ve manufactured our protective Aluminium Tape with versatility at the front of our minds. Because we create tape solutions for several industries including aerospace and automotive, we wanted to ensure all our customers would be able to benefit as much as possible from our tape solution.

Our aluminium tape is thermal resistant to 120C/248F, meaning that it is suitable for protecting surfaces against radiant heat sources. It also benefits from flame retardant properties and is effective at temperatures between -35C and 120C, meaning it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use on a wide variety of surfaces. The silver surface on the tape is excellent at reflecting light and heat, which allows it to regulate the temperatures on the surface it’s applied to.

To purchase our tape or find out more, check out our product page.

How To Use JTAPE Aluminium Tape

JTAPE Aluminium Tape couldn’t be easier to use. All you need to do is cut it to size and apply it to the area that needs protection, sealing or jointing. We’ve included a silicone paper release liner to make it easier to cut the tape to size before application rather than during.  Our synthetic adhesive quickly will quickly get to work bonding the tape with an impressive adhesion of 6.5N/cm on steel.

And that’s it. The strong and durable adhesion is effective immediately, meaning you won’t have to wait for anything to dry or cure.

We hope this guide has given you all the insight you need into the multiple uses of aluminium tape. At JTAPE, we’ve meticulously designed our tapes to be used across the aerospace, construction and automotive industries. Visit our online store to discover our full range of JTAPE products available, or contact us to find your local distributor.

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