Why High Temperature Tape is Important for Automotive Body Shops

Auto body shops use various tapes and masks in their everyday work, but it’s not often that one tape will be sufficient for multiple repair or paint jobs. Picking the automotive tape with the appropriate properties to withstand the job can sometimes be a challenge because of how many options there are. For example, there are many tapes available with heat resistance to different degrees.

Because heat is such a big presence in body shop environments, heat resistant tape is vital to have. This guide will run through the benefits it can have, along with the most common uses for it.

High Temperature Tape Saves Time & Boosts Productivity

Understanding how important it is for body shops to have this types of tape is a necessity for all professionals in the industry. Many tasks will require exposure to high temperatures, so you’ll need to have tape to hand that can withstand the temperatures. With high temperature resistance properties, you’ll be able to easily use a range of tools and methods for painting and any other repair work required.

Using the right high temperature tape solutions can save your body shop a considerable amount of time and boost productivity, since reworking won’t be necessary. Instead, you’ll achieve the desired paint finish each and every time with less effort.

High temperature tape allows professionals to easily use things like heated spray booths and infrared drying lamps. Below, we’ll guide you through the most common uses for heat resistant automotive tape, and why.

Heated Spray Booths

During the flash and curing stages, the booth heats up to very high temperatures and speeds up the painting process, which is why many auto shops will invest in this equipment. Using a heat resistant tape to mask off any areas you don’t want to paint is necessary and useful here because you’ll achieve the desired finish much more efficiently. Regular masking tapes might lose their adhesive strength or move during the heating process, which could leave you with a lower quality paint finish.

Infrared Lamps for Drying

We’ve all heard the saying about watching paint dry – it’s generally not a speedy process. Often, body shops will use infrared heating lamps to dry the paint coats quickly. Therefore, heat resistant tape is useful in this case because it can be used to mask off and create clean lines even under the heat lamps.

Powder Coating Curing

During the powder coating curing process, high heat needs to be used. High temperature tapes can be beneficial here because they can withstand these conditions for extended periods without moving or losing their grip.


The baking technique allows auto shops to apply paint at the same time as it dries, which increases efficiency and productivity massively. Temperature resistant tape should be used for this technique because without it, reworking could be necessary. Because the paint is dried almost instantly, any areas accidentally exposed to paint will require additional work to rectify the issue, wasting the time of your body shop professionals.

Heat Resistant and High Temperature Tapes for your Body Shop

At JTAPE, we have an excellent selection of high temperature tape solutions available. Below, we’ll guide you through our options, their qualities and the most common uses for each.

High Temperature Polyester Film Tape

At JTAPE, we’ve designed our High Temperature Polyester Film Tape to be a reliable and versatile product suitable for many uses, including powder coating and painting. With excellent temperature resistance up to 220°C/428°F, it’s the perfect solution for masking and protecting a variety of surfaces for many automotive body shop jobs.

Green and blue options are available, with the only difference being that our green tape is more flexible and thicker than the blue tape.

160°c High Temperature Crepe Masking Tape

High Temperature Masking Tape

This product is excellent for providing immediate adhesion and protecting a variety of surfaces from exposure to temperatures up to 160°C for up to 30 mins. Not only does it perform well in wet strip applications, but it can also be cleanly removed from a variety of surface types, including plastic, rubber, trims and wheels. It won’t leave any residue, allowing you to achieve a clean paint application every time.

Green High Temperature Polyester Film Discs

Green high temp poly film mask discs

Green High Temperature Polyester Film Discs are resistant to temperatures up to 220°C and are specifically designed to provide a reliable and effective solution while coating, baking and treating. With 250 discs per roll, our discs are cost-effective and allow you to cover the rear hub of alloy wheels for powder coating mostly.

Aluminium Tape

Aluminium Repair Tape

Our aluminium tape is highly versatile and can be used to protect a variety of surfaces under many different conditions. With heat resistance up to 120°C and a reflective silver surface able to reflect heat and light, this tape is most often used to repair heating systems and air conditioning units in households and in the automotive industry.

We hope this has highlighted how vital it is to have high temperature tape in your auto body shop, whether it’s protective tape or film discs. Discover more of our excellent JTAPE products available on our homepage.

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