Protective Film

Choosing the right Protective Film is essential if you want to achieve the best possible results when painting larger areas.  Our range of protective films can be easily applied to prevent paint ingress into large areas or be used in your workspace to help avoid overspray and prevent dust from contaminating a painting area.

At JTAPE we offer a range of protective films in multiple sizes to provide protection against overspray.

Choosing the Right Protective Film

Protective film is used to avoid paint adhering to surfaces outside the main painting area.  Covering the surrounding panels when painting part of a car allows a smoother application of paint and reduces clean-up to improve efficiency.

Our premium clear masking film is easy to apply in conjunction with masking tape and comes in both standard and pre-folded options.  The film is just nine microns thick and is corona treated to hold any mist or overspray and prevent it spreading into the working area.  We also offer non-slip protective film for use around your working area in order to capture spray and spills and prevent damage or contamination on floors, walls and benches.

Useful in Multiple Situations

JTAPE can support you with a range of protective masking films that are designed to make your work more efficient.

Pre-Folded Protective Films

Our pre-folded clear masking film is supplied in an easy-to-use dispenser to make it more straightforward to apply.  Made from the same corona treated HDPE as our standard film, it is puncture and tear resistant to provide excellent protection.

Wheel Repair Masks

Protective films are essential when painting and help to ensure a better finish of key areas.  In order to help improve efficiency, we offer tailored masking films that are fitted for use on tyres when wheel painting.

Find Out More

For more information about the JTAPE range of protective films, please download our latest brochure or speak to one of our team who will be able to provide advice about use.

Our full product range is available to buy online direct from JTAPE, or from your local distributor.