Marine Masking Tapes


For almost twenty years JTAPE have been manufacturing and supplying high quality, durable tapes for use in difficult environments, and have built an enviable reputation for the performance of our specialist tapes for marine use.  Our marine tapes are designed to perform well in difficult environments where high levels of adhesion are demanded and where conditions mean that standard tapes are insufficient.

Whether you require a strong, water-resistant mounting tape that you can rely on for a repair, a protective tape to keep important equipment safe from damage, or a quality masking tape for respraying a large area accurately, our range is ideally suited for marine use.

We pride ourselves on the quality and innovation of our products and our customers know that when they choose to buy from JTAPE they get a tape that they can trust to give them the best possible results.


Key Uses of Marine Tapes

Marine Masking Tapes

With complex surfaces to protect, and a range of different materials to work with, resprays on marine equipment can be difficult without the right masking products.  JTAPE provide you with a range of different products that are suitable for covering large areas to minimise overspray while delivering crisp edges.

Marine Mounting Tapes

When you are working on repairs that are likely to be exposed to high levels of moisture and extreme conditions, having a strong and water-resistant adhesive is vital.  Our double-sided mounting tapes use weather resistant adhesive and have strong aging performance meaning that you can rely on them to hold fixtures in place without failure.

Protective Tapes

Aluminium protective tapes are essential for providing a heat resistant layer and are particularly important when protecting fibreglass or plastic hulls from engine heat on boats.  Our aluminium protective tape is heat resistant between -35C and 120C, making it suitable for marine use.


Get Help Choosing the Right Tape for your Trade

At JTAPE we have a comprehensive range of tapes suitable for marine use, and our team are here to provide you with advice and support to ensure that you get the right tape for your needs.

No Edge Blending Tape

The flexible, water-proof, advanced acrylic adhesive will adhere to surfaces that standard masking tape would otherwise not.

Fine Line Masking Tape

Suited to precise work where a clean finish is required and available in a variety of widths to suit your usage.

High Performance Masking Tape

High Performance 110°C Masking Tape is a performance crepe tape for masking off areas when spraying.

Find out More

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