What is Double Sided Mounting Tape?

double sided mounting tape

Double sided mounting tapes have a layer of adhesive on both faces of the tape with a detachable release layer covering one side of the tape to prevent it sticking to itself. These tapes are primarily used to stick two surfaces together but can also be used to mount a small item onto another surface such as a wall or vehicle body panel.

JTAPE double sided mounting tapes are manufactured to create a resilient bond between the two surfaces that is resistant to UV, weather, and vibration and possesses excellent aging properties, meaning that the items will remain in place for a long time.

Using Double Sided Mounting Tape

When using a double-sided mounting tape, one side of the tape is positioned and fixed onto a surface. Once in place, the release liner of the tape is removed, and the second surface can be placed onto the tape and pressed into place with force being attached equally to ensure a good fit.

When a smaller object is being placed onto a flat surface, it is normally more effective to first attach the tape to the item being stuck in place. This reduces the amount of tape that needs to be used and helps to ensure that the item is positioned correctly.

Common uses of Double-Sided Mounting Tape

There are many uses for double sided mounting tape in the automotive sector.

The tape is commonly used to permanently mount items onto vehicle bodywork including:

As it provides a strong, long-lasting bond between two surfaces, double sided mounting tape is also widely used in arts and crafts, as well as fixing exhibition boards in place.

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