What is Double Sided Mounting Tape?

double sided mounting tape

Double sided tapes are distinguished by having adhesive on both sides. They are primarily used to stick two surfaces together, often mounting a small item onto a wall, vehicle body or similar.

Typically, one adhesive side of the tape is fixed to one surface while the detachable release liner is left in place, protecting the adhesive on the second side.

To stick the second item to the first, users then peel off the release liner and carefully position the item onto the newly revealed adhesive surface, applying even pressure to make sure it is well secured.

Double sided mounting tapes are widely used in arts and crafts and at displays and exhibitions. In automotive applications, double sided mounting tape is often used to permanently attach trims, emblems, decals, mouldings and mirror fixings to the vehicle body. The resilient bond is vibration, UV and weather resistant with excellent ageing properties.

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